Dear customers, in general, you can get the full accuracy of the three products from the originality of the received product. The first feature is the Mashhad wire and cable hologram. The suffix and prefix is ​​under the brand name, so buy your product only under the name (Mashhad Wire and Cable Industries Company).

Yes, we are the only quality sample unit in the country selected by the National Standard Organization of Iran in the wire and cable industry in 1398, and with more than a quarter of a century of experience in the wire and cable industry, we are proud to provide high quality products to you dear customers.

In Mashhad wire and cable accreditation laboratories, which have a national certification from the National Standard Organization of Iran, according to various tests performed in these laboratories, such as Aging test, all conditions of using wire and cable for up to 25 years are simulated. Based on this, Mashhad wire and cable products are guaranteed for 25 years.

Yes, the well-equipped and advanced laboratories of Mashhad Wire and Cable Factory Group are ready to perform all kinds of possible tests on different wires and cables for our dear compatriots.